Best Instapot of 2020 – Instant Pot Reviews & Comparisons

We have a simple goal; we want it to be easier for you to choose the right product and make a confident purchasing decision.

About Instapots 

Instapot was originally founded by Michael Smith in 2018. It began as a place where Michael could share her manageable home-made Instant Pot recipes and cooking suggestions as a distraction.

Within just over a year, the website has developed from a tiny personal blog to a popular site whenever an easy home cook instant pot inspiration for meals. The company also extended to introduce more members with expertise in food.

What We Stand For

Instapots, we admire healthful living and maintain healthy eating is an imperative part of that and should be exercised daily. We’re dedicated to producing healthy consuming what it should be: manageable, nutritious, appealing, not limiting, and sustainable. Home food is shown to have more well-being benefits than market bought food, so our Instant Pot recipes and tips concentrate on constructing cooking quicker, safer, more nutritious, and more delightful for everyone.

Each Review is the result of dozens of testing hours of research by the company.

The analysis begins with the users’ most significant expectations and concerns concerning a specific kitchen device. Then we study at the most reputable names and choose out products with professional specifications that probably match the qualifications. The specs are correlated and cross-referenced between reliable authorizations. We also communicate the manufacturers instantly for more knowledge on the products when required.

The concluding list is determined only after we have investigated through hundreds if not thousands of studies from verified acquisitions to make sure they’re exactly what the users are looking for.

In performing so, we believe to be accommodating to our Instant Pots cooks when they’re in search of kitchen supplies to ease their workload and improve productivity in the kitchen.

Michael Smith

Michael Smith

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