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Instant Pot Cooking Blender Review

By now, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the instant pot, and you likely know it doubles as both a pressure cooker and a slow cooker. But what about the instant pot blender? If you’ve yet to try out a product from this company, maybe this small appliance is what gets your attention. Are you looking for a blender with the best functionality?

What are the benefits of buying this type of blender over another one? With the instant pot pressure cooker, the advantages were rather clear. Did the company make the same splash with its blender, or is this just an example of brand name piggybacking?

What do you plan to do with your blender? One of the first things you need to know about this machine is that it can do everything. There are functions for making anything you want with a blender. Let’s say you want to make ice cream. It can do that. It also has the capability of making soups, smoothies, and more. Its functionality also extends into cleaning this small appliance.

You see, it has a clean function. The instant pot blender makes it easy! And what about making rice milk? You’ve likely heard about people doing this with blenders, and they make soy milk, too. You can do that with an instant pot blender, quite easily I might add.

Now you might be used to making milk from nuts and soy beans, and you might make smoothies quite often already. You might even blend up some nice fruit juices. But when is the last time you made soup with a blender? Did you even think it was possible? People love finding new ways to cook, and you can undoubtedly start cooking now with your blender.

What’s nice is just like with the instant pot pressure cooker, the blender doesn’t need babysitting while you’re making soup. We’re not talking cold soup either. Your blender suddenly makes the soup precisely the way you want. And let’s say that you want a hot puree type of soup. Well, the instant pot blender can certainly do that, too.

Some reviews say that you don’t want to add dairy to your soups too early. That is because the dairy can burn in the blender if it is added to the soups at the beginning. Keep that in mind as you test your new blender out to see what kinds of soups it can make. They are going to taste great if the blender cooks anything like the instant pot pressure cooker does.

In terms of affordability vs. functionality, many people say the Instant Pot is a clear winner. Is there a better blender out there? Well, the truth of the matter is yes, there is indeed. But the problem is you’re going to pay like four times the amount of money to get one. In the case of the instant pot blender, you pay less but still get a quality machine that likely does more than the last blender that was in your kitchen.

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Rated #1 out of 23 Blenders

Instant Pot Duo60 Pros:
  • Smart Blending programs
  • Heating Blender for soups, milks, and more
  • Easy clean and Pulse function
  • A powerful and quiet motor with a speed of 23,000 RPM

Private Internet Access Cons

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