Best Instapot of 2020 – Instant Pot Reviews & Comparisons

We have a simple goal; we want it to be easier for you to choose the right product and make a confident purchasing decision.

How We Do It

Consumers have several options when purchasing a product. There might be hundreds of different products to choose from that all do the same thing, most of which have reviews that all make them sound amazing. It’s time-consuming – not to mention annoying – to go through all of this and choose the right product.

We can help with that.

Our experts and reviewers evaluate the different products available in each category and put together a shortlist of the best and brightest. They focus only on the products that matter most for each category.

If we decide that a consumer – that is to say you – would benefit from some additional insight into a product, we will purchase it – like a consumer – and then perform independent testing and evaluation.

Independent Testing

We put together our testing equipment ready to evaluate products and test them against other products most of the time. This is because testing products take repeatable tests. It’s not enough to simply hand them out to people and ask them to try them out. While we do test the majority of the products we write reviews for, there are certain product categories where we write our reviews using research and consumer feedback only.

Expert Advice

You might be wondering how we know what makes a product good or bad. We interview super-users such as experts professional chefs that know what to look for – and what to avoid – with kitchen appliances.

Consumer Feedback

Finally, we will consider the opinions of consumers such as you, who have invested your time and money into a product. We regularly survey our readers to learn their opinions about products. We also dig deep into online reviews and use them to put together a clear idea of the strengths and weaknesses of a product. This is because while lab testing can evaluate how a product performs, only long-term use in the real world can reveal problems with the design and durability of a product.

Product Acquisition

We will purchase all of the products that we review using our own money. We will never accept a product, or anything else, from a product manufacturer. We want to provide completely 100% objective analysis, and we don’t want our opinions to be swayed by having received a product for free.

As we purchase our products through the regular retail channels, it also allows us to avoid the risk a manufacturer might send us a better version of their product. What we review is exactly what the consumer gets.

If we feel that a product has performed below expectations in testing, then we will purchase another unit and run our testing again, to verify that we didn’t get a broken or malfunctioning unit.

Our Promise

We work hard to give our readers value by providing reliable buying recommendations. We will make money whenever a reader clicks through to the page to buy a product and purchases it through one of our links. We earn some referral money no matter which product our readers purchase though and are not biased to recommend certain products over others. All we want to do is provide you with the best possible review.

We don’t make any money at all if we fail to gain your trust and guide you to the right product for you.

We’re here for the long-run, and we can only succeed by providing consumers with accurate product reviews they can trust. Our readers aren’t going to come back if we fail to provide them with great recommendations after all.

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