Rice Cookers Vs Pressure Cookers Differences

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Rice Cookers Vs Pressure Cookers Differences
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The Real Difference Between Rice Cookers and Pressure Cookers

We all have the same question in our mind that is there any difference between a rice cooker or a pressure cooker. Well, they both have one common purpose that is to cook rice. Both of these machines might look the same as well, but some features differentiate them from each other. There is a reason behind the name, and the reason is that both of them might have the same objective but are different.    food cooking

I am here to make you understand about the fact that there is a real difference between the two of these kitchen devices. Knowing the difference might change your thoughts about using a rice cooker as well.

Just for a brief overview, a pressure cooker is always better in cooking rice and trust me; it cooks rice way faster than a rice cooker.

Not The Same but Similar

Before moving towards the differences between these two, let us look at the things that make these two similar. Just because of these similarities, I have seen many people who find it difficult to decide between the two when making a purchase decision. A rice cooker and a pressure cooker may look similar but both them have a different purpose to serve. The only thing they have similar to each other is the looks. This factor causes a lot of confusion and people who are on a tight budget and have less kitchen space might find it difficult to decide.

Top of The Line Pressure Cookers For You

I have shortlisted some of the best and versatile pressure cookers that can cook rice for you in a much better way than a rice cooker.

Significant Differences Between the Two

Now let’s have a look at the real deal. Pressure cookers and rice cookers are different in many ways to accept the fact now. We know that both of these use steam for cooking rice but there nothing more in common other than this.

A rice cooker has an external heating source, which may be a heating coil or pad. This device comes with a top lid and may also have extra parts like a tofu maker or steaming basket. The heating source in the rice cooker is used to heat the liquid with the rice. Due to the heat, the liquid starts to evaporate turning in to steam. During the process, the rice starts to absorb the liquid that then makes if soft. So when you open the lid of the rice cooker, all the liquid is gone indicating that the rice has been cooked.

The pressure cooker that looks the same as the rice cooker has a lot of differences. The pressure cooker consists of a lid that can be locked and sealed. The lid has a rubber lining that prevents the escape of steam from the cooker. With the cooker being sealed and letting no steam to escape, the pressure level is maintained inside the pot. It also features a pressure sensor that notifies you about the pressure inside. The pressure cooker is sure to cook food more efficiently than a rice cooker.

A rice cooker is mainly used for cooking rice or some related dishes. There are different types of rice cookers on the market. The single function rice cooker will only cook rice for you, but a multi-functional rice cooker can cook meat, fish, boil eggs with steam, vegetables, etc. But the cooking pace is slow.

On the other hand, a pressure cooker is perfect for tenderizing large portions of meat that is tough to do otherwise. If you want to make dishes like roast or stew, a pressure cooker will do the trick. This device can cook vegetables like squash or whole corn.

The multi-functional pressure cookers can be used as slow cookers for cooking rice. This makes a pressure cooker more functional with having the ability to do it all for you. Having a pressure cooker in the kitchen means that you do not need to buy a rice cooker separately.

Which makes better rice?

We all think that a dedicated rice cooker will always cook better rice that is why we consider buying a single function rice cooker. But before you decide on this, you need to see the advantages and disadvantages of both the cookers.


Rice cookers are best for cooking rice and a diverse range of types of rice. Rice comes in a range of different types regarding flavor, grain, and aroma. A rice cooker will cook all types of rice for you perfectly. The automatic shut off feature provides convenience to the users, and this feature makes it an energy saving device.

A pressure cooker will always cook food faster for you and also requires fewer liquids for the cooking process. A significant advantage of using a pressure cooker is that it destroys the microorganisms present in food enabling you to eat clean and hygienic food. This is because the temperature inside the pot rises above the normal boiling point level of water.

This means that a pressure cooker can be used as a sterilizer and you can sterilize different kitchen tools, bottles, cans, etc. With the sealing lid feature, the food flavors are always retained inside. A pressure cooker is a perfect choice for people living at high altitudes where food cooks at a slower pace due to the cold weather.


If you are buying a rice cooker, don’t settle for a single function cooker. A single function will not cook anything other than rice. It may be able to cook other types of foods like fish, sliced vegetables, small portions of meat, etc. but it will take much longer time.

A pressure cooker is heavy and difficult to move around in the kitchen. This also makes it difficult to clean. Dealing with pressure cookers means that you have to work with higher temperatures, some safety concerns are a must.

Which one should you buy

This decision depends on your needs, how much space can you give and your budget. Considering the kind of features and functions you want, you can easily choose between a rice cooker and a pressure cooker after knowing the differences.

Electric pressure cookers vs stove pressure cookers

Let us give this our final thoughts as well. An electric pressure cooker will cook anything for you with just a push of a button. A stovetop button offers more flexibility and can be bought while having budget constraints. Electric pressure cookers are bulky and take more space in your kitchen than a stove top cooker.

I hope that now you know the real difference between these two. It depends on your choice and requirements what you want to buy.

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